Our PLOT strategy and our cloud-based Compass Risk Management System are backed by our Compass Certified Consultants. Compass Consultants will help your organization map out your workplace safety program.

  • Step 1 comP4® Audit

    This audit looks at your Pre-hire, Post-offer, Prevention and Post-claim activities. Your Compass Consultant will sit down with you and discuss each activity.

  • Step 2 Risk Management Score

    Once your Compass Consultant discusses their audit findings, a Risk Management Score will be established. They can run what-if scenarios with you to make sure you maximize your ROI.

  • Step 3 Implementation

    We have developed the CWCO (Certified Workers’ Compensation Organization) Program to help customers improve their Risk Management Program. It is the most comprehensive training program on work place safety available. Click here to learn more.

  • Step 4 Stewardship

    Since the Compass cloud-based platform tracks everything, you can receive stewardship reports 24/7. In fact, the ability to get this information on demand is why the insurance carriers will give more favorable pricing for organizations utilizing Compass. They know what gets measured gets results. Your Compass Consultant can produce regular stewardships for your insurance carriers.