Risk Management has been a content leader since 1996. Our slogan for the past 20 years has been “We Put Knowledge Into Practice”. Our comprehensive toolset helps organizations improve their Safety IQ®.

  • Web-based Training – We offer almost 300 web-based training programs to help organizations reduce their cost of risk. Our library includes OSHA, safety, HR, Risk Management, soft skills and leadership training. Click here for a sample.
  • Reference Library – Our resource library contains almost 10,000 documents to assist employers with their safety and HR efforts. We include compliance information, handouts, payroll stuffers and training material.
  • Risk Series – Our Risk Series are monthly workshops that employers can attend to learn and share best practices. Click here for calendar of events.
  • Discussion Board – We give Compass customers access to our employer discussion board that hosts over 30,000 employers. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and share expertise.
  • Monthly Emails – We send out a monthly email highlighting the new content we produce on Compass every month. This includes legislative updates and other “hot topics.”
  • CWCP Program – Established in 1999, this certification program in Georgia assists you in gaining your workers’ compensation adjusters license. Over 200 organizations have participated in the program. Click here to learn more.
  • The Work Comp Playbook for Employers – The “Playbook” was first developed in 2002 to give employers a roadmap to improve their workplace safety program. Now in its second edition over 2,000 copies of the Playbook have been purchased.

The “Playbook” Is A Success:

Hear What Readers Have to Say:

“Steve Heinen is the best insurance professional I know. He has the best grip on the issues, trends and can analyze any Workers’ Compensation problem for any stakeholder and solve it – that is if they want to take corrective action.”

“I believe that 20% of all employers have problems, no hope or direction on the work comp program. Let this book be your direction. I assure you!”

“I highly recommend this book for carrier employees, adjusters, employers, HR consultants, government employees involved in the Work comp process, and especially agents!” -Derek Wertz

“This is an exceptional resource that belongs on anyone’s bookshelf that handles workers’ comp matters for their organization. It simply provides insight and information that is not available anywhere else in the marketplace. The title says it all. It is a playbook that outlines strategic and tactical concepts that are crucial in today’s workplace.” – Doug Lay

“Great source of information and education for employers and insurance professionals. I highly recommend this book for improving your understanding of the workers comp system and the tolls and options for managing this component of your risk management program. Steve knows what he is talking about and has the experience and real world success stories to back it up.” – Michael Harbin