In 2010, RMI created the Risk Management Score as a way to benchmark an organization’s safety efforts and to be able to communicate this effort to the insurance carrier to obtain lower rates. Our proven process lowers rates by at least 25%.

  • Review – The first step in our Risk Management Score process is to conduct a comP4® assessment. Originally our audit contained 68 questions which made it very difficult to benchmark results. In 2013 we changed to construct our Risk Management Score to focus on the top 22 factors that impact an organization’s total cost of risk. We created a point system that is like an individual’s personal credit score. Insurance carriers view this scoring process as an objective way to determine your final premium.
  • Reform – Compass RMS is unique because it is the only Risk Management System designed to be implemented through a network of consultants. Our Compass Certified Consultants are trained to help you implement the strategy and the platform to help your organization get immediate traction.
  • Results – We have hundreds of organizations that have adopted our Risk Strategy and implemented our Compass RMS Platform to significantly reduce their cost of risk. Our Risk Management Score is a continuous monitoring process that ensures organizations stay on track with their workplace safety goals and objectives. Carriers know that all the activities get tracked so they are willing to give pricing based on your future score. Imagine having your premiums based on where you will be in 12 months in lieu of where your program is today!

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