Most organizations review their loss runs but do not focus on their Claims IQ®. By raising the Claims IQ® at every level of your organization you can significantly reduce your total cost of risk.

  • Senior leadership – It is important that senior leadership understand the loss drivers and more importantly that they support changes to help mitigate future losses. We believe that to improve senior leaderships Claims IQ® they must have data to support a carefully crafted risk management strategy. Our dashboard report located in Compass Pro is specially designed to improve Claims IQ®.
  • Supervisors – The supervisor level is what makes or breaks an accountable safe workplace program. From a management perspective, they are the eyes and the ears of every organization. If they don’t understand the cost of loss, chances are your employees won’t either.
  • Employees – This is where the rubber meets the road. Employees ultimately determine the Claims IQ® in your organization. Deploying a strategy where employees think safely and work every day is the goal. Getting employees to buy into the goal that the employer wants every employee returning home safely to their loved ones should be the goal of every organization. If employees understand this simple objective safety culture soars!